Oakley Thump / O Rokr Spares  & Repairs
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About Me


Welcome to my web site, if you have a pair of the Oakley sunglasses with electronics that no longer work as they should, I can hopefully help you in getting them back working once more. I come from an electronics background and used to own and operate a Nokia Authorized Repair Center in the UK and USA. Just after leaving school in the UK ,I ended up repairing Sinclair Spectrum ZX81's ( Google it ) and then went on to be a field service tech for PC's, after doing that for several years I ended up in Cellular service, installation and repair since 1986 As for repairing Oakley sunglasses, this started due to my son who purchased a pair of original Thumps which stopped working ( holding a charge ) I contacted Oakley and was told sorry they do not have replacement batteries and could not help me in finding a replacement. After almost a year I finally found a replacement source, replaced the battery and the glasses worked once more, except in the process of having them apart a few times I broke the ear bud wires, that then led me onto another issue trying to source the wires with the JST connector.

And after all that he lost them !!!
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