Oakley Thump / O Rokr Spares  & Repairs
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New Glasses and Lenses

BRAND NEW IN THE BOX,  Oakley O'Rokr's in White,

I have replaced the battery with my latest revision of the Hi-Cap battery which is now 200mAh up by 25% from Oakleys original supplied and installed battery. As normal they will have a 30 day warranty from me on the electronics which does not cover sweat or liquid damage.

New installed battery by myself, will now have a 6 month warranty effective from January 1st 2014, this does not cover shipping either way.

COST $375 with free shipping within the USA

Current brand new glasses in stock - Always changing!

White 1Gb Split Thumps
White 1Gb Split Thumps    
Polished Black Thump Pros 512Mb

O'Rokrs  Pros in Polished Black, factory sealed boxes     l

All the above are brand new in the original box, I have fully tested them before putting them up for sale, except the factory sealed ones. I guarantee that they will work perfectly out of the box and will also give them a 30 day warranty on the electronics & battery and as usual this does not cover liquid or sweat damage. Please email me with any questions and I can now upgrade the memory to 2Gb ( Not available on the Original Thumps at this time )

Plus if requested for an additional charge I can modify the new glasses to be as sweat proof as possible. This requires me to cover all electronics with a silicone coating, apply the same to the exposed components on the ribbon cable, also on the ribbon cable connector, battery JST connector and the two speaker JST connectors I will add dielectric grease.  (On the Pros and Split Thumps) I can add a silicone bead sealing all around both side panes.

I have done the above to a pair of my test Thump Pros, and after 12 months of being subjected to use doing yard work ect in the Florida heat / humidity they are still working perfectly.

Brand New Original Oakley O'Rokr Lenses

Black Iridium polarized
  in the original box. Oakley's part number (13-546) $99.00
Call for availability
Black Iridium  in the original box. Oakley's part number (13-543) $69.00

Bronze  in the original box. Oakley's part number (13-542) $69.00

 in the original box. Oakley's part number (13-541) $69.00

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