Oakley Thump / O Rokr Spares  & Repairs
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I will be updating this page shortly with some parts I have available.

Speakers are now available!!

I will only supply the speakers in pairs, please do not ask for one off's. They have been custom built for me and fit the Oakleys perfectly, I wanted them to be as close as possible to the factory installed speakers,  look the same and I believe they sound slightly better. They now have a revised Mylar cone which I have been informed by the manufacturer should make them not only sound better than the originals but last longer also.

One pair ( 2 Speakers ) of custom replacement speakers

Cost: $45.00 including shipping within the USA only at this time.

In the photos below you have the new speakers shown, the two photos with the three speakers, the top speaker out of the three is the Oakley Original shown for comparison. Any questions please ask
I also have the first batch of speakers that were built for me, they look exactly the same as the ones above but instead of being 16 Ohm they were 32 Ohm, they work perfectly but were not exactly what I wanted. I will sell them in pairs for.
 Cost: $25.00 including shipping within the USA

Rubber ear bud rings, I have managed to find some that are close, they are not perfect!! but very close, slightly harder than the Oakley originals, but better than nothing. Only available in the four colors NO BLACK. The black one is the original and shown as a reference.

They are $1.06 each plus shipping
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