Oakley Thump / O Rokr Spares  & Repairs
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I also offer the battery replacement service if you don't have the soldering skills or equipment needed, or maybe you just don't want to run the risk of damaging your glasses.

Fixed price repair for supplying and installing the new battery only
RETURN SHIPPING please enclose a prepaid return shipping label and you contact information.
You would be amazed at how many pairs I get in with no description of fault or customer contact details

Please just send the glasses, I don't need the original box or lenses to the address below with your prepaid return shipping label and email address please. Once the glasses have had the battery replaced, fully charged and then left to play until discharged, then fully charged and tested I will email you requesting payment via PayPal.

Mailing Address:

Graham Ford
Oakley Thump Repair
3185 Whisper Wind Dr
St Cloud FL 34771

All other types of repairs

Again please send the glasses to the above address, once I have diagnosed the problem I will be able to quote you for the repair costs. If you don't want to go forward with the repair they will be returned to you with no charge, except return postage if none supplied. Please don't forget to enclose a prepaid return shipping label.

Oakley Original Thump with flip up lens battery replacement.
Photos of various previous faults, mostly due to liquid damage. Also my first attempt to repair the ribbon cable, once the flux was cleaned off it was not so ugly, I coated it with a small amount of liquid tape to make it a little more attractive and the glasses were working once more, and still are I believe.

Some photos of the Flash Ram IC where the tracks had completely corroded away, I managed to use a Dremel and cut back the plastic case to reveal the internal original track, added a small piece of wire, and they were back in business.

Ribbon edge connector cable, again sweat damage, I managed to rebuild the tracks, the ribbon cable did work once more.

Orokr Pro /Thump Pro with the two exposed test points on the ribbon cable, which are very common to be damaged

Common ribbon cable damage due to lack of care when working with it, the cable tears very easily and you have just turned your expensive Oakleys  into a standard pair of glasses at that point.

Small green marks around the connectors and on the control buttons is sweat corrosion, sometimes the glasses can still be saved, but not always!

Last thing, photos showing the speaker wires damaged due to the glasses being put together incorrectly, wires crushed between the casings, this will cause the wires to fail in the not to distant future.

The photo with the white Orokr Pros showing how a previous battery replacement had been done ( The wrong way !!)

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